Driving Lessons

These are taken in multiples of hours – although with mutual consent hour and a half lessons can be arranged. Generally we will pick up and drop off at most locations in the local area.

Each lesson generally starts with a re-cap of previous lessons and a discussion on the next lesson. At the end of the lesson a progress report will be given so a person is aware of how they are getting on lesson by lesson.

  Theory Tuition

We offer in car theory tuition as well as mock theory tests. We offer advice on the Hazard Perception and advise on the relevant reading material and DVD’s.

  Mock Tests

To reduce the ‘worry’ of the actual tests we conduct ‘mock’ tests whereby we run a person through a simulated test procedure – if required with another Instructor.

  Motorway Driving

Covering all the aspects of Motorway from the Highway code/Joining/lane driving/overtaking at higher speeds/Breakdowns/Emergencies/Leaving

This will require a minimum 2 hours or as part of the Pass plus.

  Pass Plus!

A course of a minimum of 6 hours covering Town Driving/All Weather Driving/Out of Town and Rural roads/Night Driving/Dual Carriageways/Motorways

Following successful completion of the course a certificate will be awarded by the Driving Standards Agency. This certificate will entitle the person to qualify for good money discounts with several Insurance Companies.

  Test bookings

All the bookings are managed by CSM. A business booking system is in place with the Driving Standards Agency booking centres and together with Internet access the need for form filling is no longer required.

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